Collection of Guide and References concerning Indonesian Corporate Law and Business Law.


BASIC Public Works Representative Office (PWRO) means a Legal entity that established and domiciled in Foreign Country, having representative Office in Indonesia and classified as the same as limited liability company that conduct business in construction services. Construction Services defined as a Consultancy for construction works plan, implementation of Construction Works, and Consultancy for construction […]

Guidelines for Employees Background Check in Indonesia

Companies, need workers with experience and proven practices, a good track record and is assumed not to bring trouble to the company later on. To find it, the best way to do is through a Background Check. However, the background check itself must be conducted in accordance or not in violation of laws and regulations […]

Foreign Representative Office Establishment in Indonesia

A simple guide and reference for Establish a Foreign Representative Office in Indonesia. 1. Basic. Foreign Company Representative Offices are utilized by foreign companies and groups of foreign companies for the purposes of: Managing interests of company or affiliated companies; and/or Preparing the establishment and development of foreign investment company in Indonesia and in other […]

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