Certification for Construction Services (SBU)

One of the requirements that you must have to get a Construction Services Business License is to have a Business Entity Certificate or SBU.

What is SBU for Construction?

SBU is a certificate issued by the National Construction Services Supervisory Agency (LPJKN) by giving an assessment or verification of several requirements documents that must be completed by the business entity.

Usability of SBU or Business Entity Certificates

In the participation of tender and procurement or pre-qualification tenders in Indonesia and as amandatory requirement to obtain Construction service licenses SBU will be the main reference, so this certificate is important to be owned by construction company.

Types of SBU You Need to Know

Business Entity Certificate that owned by Construction Services issued by LPJKN consist of three types, which are: SBU for Construction Services, SBU for Construction Planners and Supervisors, and SBU for Integrated Construction Services.

Classifications and Qualifications

Construction company divided into certain classifications and qualifications, that have each own work capacity and requirements.

  1. Construction Services Classification, read it here.
  2. Construction Planners and Supervisors Classification, read it here.
  3. Integrated Construction services, read it here.

While for the Construction Qualification, please read it here.

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