Certification for Electricity Support Services (SBUPTL)

Certification for Electricity Support Services (Sertifikat Badan Usaha Penunjang Tenaga Listrik / SBUPTL)

Every company wishing to conduct electricity support services must have a Business Entity Certificate (SBUPTL) through the Certification and Registration process, except for the business of inspection and testing services in the field of low voltage electricity utilization installations and business entity certification institutions.

This is mandatory by law, therefore applying the license and certifications is a must to the business entity.


Business Entity Certificates are issued by accredited Business Entity Certification Bodies (LSBU) for the type of business for the Construction and Installation of Electricity Supply Installations.

As for the types of business:  consultancy, inspection and testing, operation, maintenance of electric power installations, business entity certificates are issued by the Director General of Electricity.

We can help foreign and local companies to obtain business support services with a classification and business qualification as follows:

Classification of Electricity Support Services Business

1. Consultancy in the field of electricity supply installation;
2. Construction and installation of electricity supply installations;
3. Examination and testing of electric power installations;
4. Operation of electric power installations;
5. Maintenance of electric power installations;

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Qualification of Electricity Support Services Business

The determination of qualifications for electric power support services business, is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Human Resources of the Republic of Indonesia Number 28 Year 2018 consisting of small, medium and large qualifications.

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