Representative Office of Foreign Oil and Gas Company (KPPA MIGAS) is an office led by an individual Indonesian citizen or a foreign national appointed by a foreign company or a foreign joint-venture overseas as its representatives in Indonesia engaged in oil and gas subsector.

KPPA MIGAS quite similar in the concept as PWRO (BUJKA), but different in terms of scope of business activities.

Before the Indonesia Investment Coordination Board regulation in 2017, KPPA MIGAS is not yet fully recognized.

To obtain the permit, the company need the recommendation from the Directorate General of Oil and Gas, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

If the Head of KPPA Migas is a foreign national and/or hire a foreign workers, then Indonesian must be employed. This is to ensure the transfer of knowledge.

The permit shall valid for maximum 3 (three) years and may be extended.

To extend it you need to apply for 30 (thirty) days before the permit expires.

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