Work Leave

Type of Work Leave

There are several work leave category that need to be known in accordance with The applicable Indonesia Manpower Regulation.

Work leave basically consist of:


In Article 79 paragraph (2) point (c) states that the right of annual leave will be given to workers or employees who have fulfilled their work period for 12 (twelve) months or one year continuously with the number of days as many as 12 (twelve).

However, the company has its own rules in determining the number of days off, because not a few companies decide to increase the employee’s leave according to the position in the office.

Also, regarding Annual Leave, although it is regulated in the Law, however for the implementation depends on the Employment agreement, Company Regulation, or Collective Agreement.

Thus if an employee basically not taking any annual leave that already become his/her right, then it depends on the company policy, some company basically annul any annual leave that already past due, some calculate it with bonus/wages, some calculate it with adding additional leave quota for the next year. It is basically govern in the article 79 point (3) of the Law No. 13/2003.


This leave is made for employees who are unable to work for health reasons. This sick leave rule is also different in each company.


Long leave is intended for employees who have worked for a long time, at least six years. Based on Article 79 paragraph (2), it is stated that the employee must obtain a long leave of at least two months for the period of work of at least six years and be valid for the following year.


Collective leave or Shared Leave is a leave of absence for employees which is usually given if there is a religious holiday or others, based on a decree or circular regulation by Ministry. Especially for private companies, this rule applies by “deducting the annual employee leave quota.”


Based on Article 82, it is stated that pregnant female employees have the right to get the right to rest for 1.5 months before and after childbirth.


Important / Bereavement leave, means that employees has the right for leave and not attend the office for various important reasons, such as death, marriage, and various other urgent needs. In accordance with Article 93 paragraph (2) and (4) which regulates the length of leave days obtained by employees based on their necessities.

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